Land Cruiser / LX450 Power Seat Repair Parts

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Several FZJ80 Land Cruisers find themselves with a broken power seat from time to time, and the most common causes of these are missing white caps, and stripped gears. The white caps can work themselves out of their little housing through use, and once they fall out continued seat use will damage the gear inside, since missing cap has made the shaft and gear inside no longer in alignment with the worm gear.

To see if you're missing a white cap, just look under your seat from outside the vehicle, towards the front of the seat. You should see the little cap threaded inside the gear housing, shown to the left and above. If you see a hole, then voila, you need a new white cap.

And for seats that have been forced to slide front to back for some time without the white cap in place, odds are good the gears are stripped and/or worn to the point where they are no longer effective. The solution for this is to dismantle the lower gear assembly, press off the old gear from the metal shaft it's pressed to, then press on a new gear.

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